Trend Interior Projects by the Best Interior Designers in Cairo, Egypt

Trend Interior Projects by the Best Interior Designers in Egypt


Trend Interior Projects by the Best Interior Designers in Cairo, the City of Ancient Kings. Formerly a major capital of Ancient Egypt, Cairo is now the capital of Egypt and the country’s most influential city. It’s also where we can find the best designers in the country, but also of the North Africa region.


Trend Interior Projects in Cairo, Egypt

Since 2003, Hany Saad Innovations has completed more than 800 projects across Africa and the Middle East ranging from private residential villas and to multi-use commercial projects, clubs, hotels, shopping malls, administrative buildings, and ultra-luxurious residential compounds. Hany Saad Innovations (HSI) is behind some of the most extraordinary interior design projects in Egypt.


Trend Interior Projects in Cairo, Egypt

Ahmed Hussein Designs was formed in May 2008 and has grown into a successful Interior Design studio working on high end residential and commercial projects in EGYPT and for International private clients. Their success is born from the dedication and experience of their talented team who work closely with clients from the concept to completion of projects, delivering an exemplary service on time and within budget.


Trend Interior Projects in Cairo, Egypt

Youmna ElTally is one of the most prominent female designers of Egypt. This amazing creator of lavish design spaces that induce a taste of luxury to any residence. A great designer with a great list of projects and, most of all, a vast range of ideas.


Dedicated to interior design and architecture, Spaces/ Architects is one of Egypt’s most premium Design Studios! With amazing projects and great ideas, Spaces/ Architects produces lavish interiors with incredible ideas that have made the day o Cairo’s elite.


Trend Interior Projects in Cairo, Egypt

Architect and Interior Designer Naira Omar believes that design is hidden in the details. She moulds her passion into a visual rhythm and amazing interiors that wonder everyone. No wonder that Naira Omar is also an Instagram sensation due to her incredible design projects!


Trend Interior Projects in Cairo, Egypt

The Abou Samra Group is one of the most premium Real Estate, Architecture & Interior Design companies in Egypt. With projects all over the country and the North Africa region, Abou Samra Group is one of the leaders of the industry.


Miro Architects is a Cairo-based architecture and interior design firm that are known to create awe-inspiring spaces for their clients. According to our findings, Miro Architects are leading the way in innovative design solutions.


Trend Interior Projects in Cairo, Egypt

Eklego was founded in 2000 by Dina El Khashab and Hedayet Islam. Together, they set out to conquer Egypt’s interior design field, and conquer, they did. Today, their team has more than 70 members with one goal among them – to continue delivering the most awe-inspiring interiors in Egypt.


Trend Interior Projects in Cairo, Egypt

Mona Hussein is a well-established name in Egypt’s interior design field. To this very day, she retains her undying hunger to create uniquely beautiful and functional interiors. Her passion and commitment are unlike anything we have seen among interior designers in Egypt.


When it comes to interior designers in Egypt, very few can enjoy the reputation that Mohamed Badie enjoys. He brings fresh, unique ideas to a country where interior design can feel repetitive and monotonous. Mohamed Badie approaches every new project with the utmost level of professionalism and enthusiasm.


Eleven Design Studio are celebrated for their masterful application of texture, pattern and colour. They skillfully blend the elements to create interiors that are sophisticated and memorable. 

12.  STUDIO +

Trend Interior Projects in Cairo, Egypt

Studio+ creates contemporary interiors with modern vibes and hints of a mid-century modern style. However, they are capable of executing a variety of styles to an equally brilliant degree. Everything they design is elegant and balanced—not too loud, not too minimal.


Trend Interior Projects in Cairo, Egypt

Founded in 2007 by Mohamed El Abagy and Ibrahim Gomaa, DAR Designs is an award-winning interior design firm based in Cairo and Dubai. They are renowned for their brilliant application of colour but also their choice of materials and furniture. They can pair textures with patterns and furniture with spaces to create beautiful environments that reflect their client’s needs.


Trend Interior Projects in Cairo, Egypt

MB Designs was established in 1995 in the historical city of Cairo, Egypt. With specializations in several design fields, their diverse team strives to bring forth distinctive excellence that challenges the design trends of today. Every detail we invest time in is an experience; a chance at a better quality of life and an outlet for the unlimited human potential that lies within us all.


Interior Design and Architectural firm with a green focus. TDF philosophy is to revolutionize local designs in Egypt to become environmentally responsible. TDF projects include private residential, commercial and hospitality projects, LEED Consultancy.


Trend Interior Projects in Cairo, Egypt

Home to all things Architecture, Interior Design and Styling for turnkey residential, commercial & corporate projects. With 10 years of experience, including design houses such as Alchemy, an optimistic attitude and a good heart, she has embarked on developing her professional creative journey to feed her desire to experiment with design thereby giving life to her design atelier.


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