Moodboard Collection: Minimal Art Design Trend


Minimal Art Design Trend => Art and design have always been two areas which have been closely related in more than one sense. This latest trend, the Minimal Art Design Trend, aims to present a set of furniture pieces which all have a minimalistic and artistic touch to them. Trendbook will introduce you to some lovely accessories that will give that little “artsy” touch to the decor.


There’s no doubt that the tendency to mix in concepts of modern art with furniture design. Adding a touch of minimalism in that sense can be a lovely idea to come up with as we will be showing you through these accessories.


Minimal Art Design Trend


Our first example is the Coll rug, inspired by the basic and primary illustrative forms of Marimekko. The accessory is noted for its brightly coloured printed fabrics as well as by its simple styles, used in women’s garments and in home furnishings.


Minimal Art Design Trend

Up next for the living room we suggest you the Ellen Ulmaza Armchair a non-swivel cylindrical seat that is perfect for those nostalgic retro lovers, who love mixing contemporary design and mid-century modern style. The sophisticated armchair is built on top of a polished brass base and upholstered with green lustrous velvet and its curvilinear open back.



Our next tapestry example is the Inception rugwith a bold graphic design and a creation without limits. It’s a 100% handmade product that successfully transforms the comfort and beauty of any interior design project regardless of style.


Add to your comfort with the Kleo Cushion and its elegant shapes in velvet, hand embroidery, natural silk and dazzling jacquards. This is a cute accessory best defined as a piece of art with a timeless SOUL.


We finish our examples about the Minimal Art Design Trend with the Palm Rug, which presents itself as a game between the absence of light and the joining of all colours. Featuring a very clean design, it’s at the same time a rug that comes off as very strong at the same time, with neutral colours, making it a timeless product that can be combined in any project style.



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