Modern Bollywood I Inspired Decor

Modern Bollywood I Inspired Decor

Hi, trendies! This month we are 04 with the latest decor trends. See Trendbook’s top interior inspirations.

In time and space, you assume different influences from life experiences. Living through tradition and culture is one of the best signatures for artists and patriots. Rich in symbols, patterns, images, and colors cultural references allow creatives to assume innovative systems and powerful compositions in multiple fields.


Contemporaneity perfectly combines the best of both worlds curating an odd clash between oriental folklore and modernity. The creative effervescence in a culture of pride and attitude.



In a picture fighting for attention, every element is worthy of analysis and importance, from color to strong compositions. A clear message to the rest of the world.



Trendbook brings you the perfect inspirations to recreate an Indian-inspired look worthy of the Bollywood scenario.


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Mixing art movements and different cultural roots may sound like a complete disaster, but ethnic inspirations show us how we can rock a versatile and rich interior.



The key idea to potentialize your space is to make your space flow. Multiple and bold patterns can complete themselves when we have notions of perspective and plans. Distribute these bold images in depth contrasting with natural decor elements and colorful furniture, just like Bollywood portraits.



Unique textures and bold colors transitioning into exclusive patterns for a complete look. Each detail is oriented to personify and characterize a space imbued within a spiritual aura.



2. Saturation

One of the top trends to complete your look is to include as many colors as you can. Modernity structures this element in contrast with minimalist architecture. Open spaces play with multiple plans rich in hot tones covered in symbology.


Ansal’s-de-Ankush Maria

While referring to color, saturation will be a key element, uplighting and spotlighting your favorite places. Indian culture uses colors in daily life to categorize and portrait. It is no different when it comes to interior design.


Adopt a considerable color palette gravitating towards saturated tones in sleeker looks. A top trend allowing multiple lifestyle reflections.

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