Inspiring project in Sydney

Hi Trendies! Today we want to show you an inspiring project in Sydney, overlooking Sydney Harbor. This mansion was in need of a new look, so Nina Maya Interiors and Bevan Boss Architects, with facilities in the Australian city, did this fantastic job.

A double removal as outdated influences and created a glamorous and contemporary home!

While some elements of the existing structure remain, a combination of the old and the new brings the former postmodern Mediterranean style to a contemporary context.

This inspiring project in Sydney perfectly combines different styles and the interiors of this Sydney mansion are a definition of luxury!

Sinuous, effortless curves, divided into several spaces, encouraging the flow of flow and maintaining distinct rooms, actively preventing the execution of open-plan life.
This distinction allows each room to exist with its own personality and palette, absorbing finishes and allocated furniture.

Each room has a set of layered textures – aged brass, natural fabrics, soft fabrics, and high-gloss lacquered finishes that create comfortable and inviting living areas, which are also sophisticated.

Meticulously cured and high-quality spaces were achieved throughout the project, through deep collaboration with highly talented artisans and superior arts, natural stone cutters, handcrafted metallurgists, professional joiners. Master masons are just a team of professionals consulted to achieve this objective level of refinement.

Everything was designed and handmade with custom finishes, from the highest to the smallest details.

A combination of high-quality craftsmanship, space allocation, and divine interior pieces creates a luxurious atmosphere in this inspiring project in Sydney.

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