How to decorate with biophilia and embracing nature trend?


Biophilia an embracing nature trend are the human’s intrinsic need for interaction with nature and how we nurture ourselves. Plants and biophilic design are truly expected to reach its pinnacle in 2021.

Today Trendbook shares with you a curated selection of contemporary interior design projects and top home decoration ideas.


@Premium Yakiniku Nikunotoriko Roppongi

@Hotel Can Bordoy – OHLAB

No longer will it be simply “fashionable” to incorporate a pot plant here and there in the design, but the embedding of interior gardens into design philosophy and culture will extravagantly evolve into innovative and sustainable designs.



@Canopée Bar Restaurant Nantes

@Experience Center PWC – Vincent & Gloria Architects

@Experience Center PWC – Vincent & Gloria Architects

Having an interior garden will provide you daily contact with nature, so you can live a brighter life. It’s the perfect solution for embracing nature in a city, where there isn’t enough space for a traditional outdoor garden.



@0219 GHTK Interior Office – iplus Architecture

@Casa Grão / Très Arquitetura

@Hendrick’s Gin Palace & Distillery / Michael Laird Architects

Besides an interior garden, if you want to include biophilia and embracing nature trend, you shouldn’t shy away from colors, especially natural ones. Dull colors can have. negative impact on mood and performance.


@Artist Studio in Sonoma / Mork-Ulnes Architects



@Montreal’s Four Seasons hotel –  Atelier Zébulon Perron

@Miami Beach Area Luxury Hotel | The Surf Club – Four Seasons

Trough design, you can create a game-changer environment, capable to create a new sensorial, that runs out to be just the change you needed.


Photos: credits to owners.




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