4 Drool-Worthy Countertop Trends to inspire you

We talk and show the ambiance of a kitchen, ideas from how to organized but an important part of a kitchen is the Countertop. Today we are going to show you  4 drool-worthy Countertop Trends. A countertop is the horizontal work surface in the kitchen or other food preparation areas. It is frequently installed upon and supported by cabinets.  The countertop may have built-in appliances, or accessory items relative to the intended application.

  • Metal countertops

If you want a look that’s totally distinct from the stone countertops that are dominating today’s contemporary kitchens, look no further than metal countertops. This look will work well for both those with modern and retro tastes. Plus, since there are a variety of metals that you can choose from – from stainless steel to copper and zinc – this trend fits well with just about any personal tastes.


Metals are non-porous, they’re easier to clean than stone and there’s no risk of contamination if the countertop hasn’t been properly sealed. However, on the other hand, since metals are much softer than stone, these countertops do carry a risk of denting.

  • Mix and match

In these days the personal tastes for a kitchen are a bit less static. There’s a movement toward mixing and matching and your counters are no exception. One of the top trends this year for countertop is embracing mixed materials.

When you’re going for a mixed look, the most important thing to do is to make sure that there is plenty of contrast. That said, there are multiple ways to achieve this goal. You can mix materials such as using stone and wood or simple choose light and dark shades of the same material.


You should also consider placement. Kitchen islands, work well with this trend. Since the countertops on the island are naturally separated from the rest, think about making it the focal point of the room and going bold with your aesthetic choices.

  • Integrated Sinks

If you opt for a minimalistic look you may want to consider using an integrated sink in your kitchen. The difference comes in how these sinks are installed. Unlike other versions where the sink is a separate piece that attaches under the countertop, integrated versions come as one big piece.

The advantage of an integrated sink is that there are no seams or overlapping pieces where the sink and the countertop connect. It’s more aesthetically pleasing, as well as more sanitary since grime won’t be able to build up between the juncture where both pieces meet. That said, the downside of this look is its lack of versatility. Since the sink is built into the countertops, there’s less of an opportunity to switch things around if your tastes change.

  • Bold patterns on stone

On this particular characteristic instead of using an entirely new material, we’re revisiting our old standards: quartz and granite. This trend is all about going big and bold and stone countertops are no exception. Make sure the pattern in your stone stands out.

Keep in mind, whether you’re using granite or quartz, every stone is unique. You’ll want to choose something that speaks to you personally. As you pick out your stone, make sure that it’s a pattern that will catch eyes.

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