Discover ’Noi Italian’, A Restaurant Made of Terracotta & Terrazzo Trend

Terracotta & Terrazzo Trend

Terracotta & Terrazzo Trend

Looking for fancy restaurants in Madrid? Eating out has never been more fun. With the Instagram era, people don’t only search for good food, but also for pleasing places!




Trendbook shares with you the interior design of the new modern restaurant, ‘Noi Italiano’, in Madrid.

It honors the 70’s Italy with a Restaurant Design full of color and references to the pop aesthetic of the Ilmiodesign studio.


The interior design of ‘Noi Italiano’ focuses on clean Italian aesthetics.

It’s gastronomy focuses on Italian food, which is another great inspiration when developing this restaurant design.


Terracotta & Terrazzo Trend


The, Terracotta & Terrazzo Trend, restaurant design has focused on colors such as terracotta, red and green, characteristic of the country.




This luxury restaurant has focused on three totally differentiated spaces, that connects through a corridor with striped floor tiles, guiding the client through the space.

This part of this Restaurant Design resigns to a typical Italian salumeria or charcuterie.



Terracotta & Terrazzo Trend


In this dining room area, terrazzo reigns like no other material, isn’t it so beautiful?

“In the dining room, with a dynamic aesthetic and full of vitality, you are invited to taste the typical Italian dishes of the restaurant”



The red space is a dining room full of mirrors with a longitudinal lamp that illuminates the area of ​​tables and an open kitchen.


Terracotta & Terrazzo Trend


Terracotta is an inspiration “of the Italian passion”, and it takes all the walls. This interior design truly enhances Italian vibes.




In this dining area of the Terracotta & Terrazzo Trend Restaurant Design, the wall lights of the room are of a limited series developed by the study with Viabizzuno Spain.


Terracotta & Terrazzo Trend



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