Designs, Colors and Tiles Ideas, 8 Bathroom trends for 2020

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The next year is coming and with him the Designs, Colors, and Tiles Ideas, so here it is the 8 Bathroom trends for 2020.

Often the concept of the bathroom design is linked to the whole living space design arrangement, and its style is determined by the full visual idea. There is also a variety in the bathroom design trends when it comes to the minimalist bathroom’s design for small urban dwellings and the luxurious large houses with bathtubs, jacuzzi, and large walk-in showers.


1. Modern Bathroom Designs

The big names on the international design scene are working on bathroom collections, inventing and collaborating with manufactures for creating a wide variety of shower and bathroom appliances. Which comes to show the importance of the subject, the trends in bathroom design are strong and influenced by global developments as any other aspect of interior design tendencies.

2. Compact Living

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The Danish furniture design studio Norm Architects offer a stylish modular system of consoles and furniture, along with an elegant daybed and a pouf, suitable for the bathroom and other premises of the home called Frame & Rest. Inspired by mid-century industrial interiors and embodying the Nordic attitude towards simplicity and elegance in combination with creative Italian craftsmanship this collection successfully satisfies the market search for versatile bathroom furniture.

3. Woodworking

Wood replaces the cold ceramics, and the smart merger between bathroom and bedroom creates a warm and comfortable atmosphere. The wooden panels that radiate from wall to ceiling create a unique expression for the clean, modern design. Simplified shapes and an abundance of wood as a material provide an optical rest and serine emanation for the open bathroom concept.

And speaking of marble, it has its trendy statement, carrying the clear, elegant lines of the Nordic style, or offering contemporary dynamic spotty presence the marble bathtub is not the only luxury is an artistic statement.

4. Bathroom Color Trends

مد روز در طراحی حمام

We explore the design but we never forget the color trend for a bathroom design. The bicolor combinations is a coming keen on the bathroom design scene, white on the inside, colored on the outside or a combination of entirely black basins and toilets with eye-catching shades on the ceramics around.

The delicate pink tonality, give an elegant and soft atmosphere for the bathroom arrangement where a fine contour line is drawn around the objects. Inspired by the harmony and contrasting dialog between forms, volumes, and materials the collection evokes purity and airy feel for the thin metal pieces and the exquisite marble details.

Another material that inspired a trendy color and textural expression is the concrete. You can see it in a beautiful contemporary expression of an urban concert, in its soft form, that thanks to the full versatility of sizes and shapes: hexagons and mosaics, or in herringbone pattern gives a new, dynamic expression to the bathroom in a trendy gray hue.

5. Tile Trends and Ideas

First, the graphic patterns and 3D expressions of the tiles are becoming light, with delicate contours, keep delicate and in the same colors and the main tile body. There is also a visible play of shapes, prints and geometric forms and between matt and glaze surfaces. The triangular shapes and contrasted between the main surface and the gaps filling. As for colors Denim blue and mutter earthly tonalities seem to be hot and trendy in these new collections.

The six dusty shades create a light three-dimensional effect, which brings a fluxional and linear movement. The geometry of the shapes carved in alternating matt or glass surfaces gives a dynamic expression for this trendy collection.

The tape begins with standard black and white base tiles that feature eight patterns in five different shades. The small, colorful patterns lay on top of the raw tiles is at first hard to decipher until you get closer. Tape can be used indoors and out, and for both floors and walls, with an endless array of possible combinations.

Beyond just functional, in the sense that this tiles composition offers an easily cleaned surface for walls and floors, the patterns that can be created between the color and geometrics variety of the collection take on a modern artistic element you don’t see with most tile collections these days.

6. Modern Bathtub Designs



مد روز در طراحی حمام

The freestanding tub is very hot and trendy in the international design scene lately. Its creative forms vary from traditionally inspired to imaginatively modern, the textures, materials, and expressions of this bathroom piece are rich and diverse. It is interesting to follow what creations are composed of renowned and creative designers from all around the world, so we will explore them in detail. But one thing is sure the bathtub is no longer just a functional addition is an expressive ornament, integral piece of modern bathroom design that invites pleasure and aesthetical delight.

7. Matte Black Bathroom Fixtures Are on Trend

Matte black bathroom fixtures with a dash. The eclectic style inspiration for this collection is giving bout elegant and progressive feature to any bathroom decor, the dark stylistic can be applied in classic designs or innovative combinations it will always provide an expressive statement.

8. Playing with Contrasts

Combining the simple geometrical shapes with rich tactile elements, the rectangular monolith of the base with the round arch of the pipes. Even the design set of the bathroom collection offers juxtaposition between the undulated shapes of the rough brick construct and the smooth surface of the bathroom elements. This intriguing dialog can be wonderfully rendered in any contemporary setting.


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