Best Christmas Tree Ideas for 2019

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written by Ana Tavares

Don’t know how to decorate your Christmas tree? Don’t find any tree that suits you? Don’t know what colors used? Christmas trees are always the centerpiece in your holiday decoration. So with that in mind here on Trendbook, we have the best ideas for Christmas trees for 2019. So come and see the magic!


See also: Trendy Christmas Ideas 2020


White Christmas Tree


White the color of snow, white Christmas trees bring wintry charm and splendor to your classic holiday ensemble.

Black Christmas Tree


Black Christmas Tree is a trend now. The “goth” vibe is taking over Christmas next year! Strung with twinkly lights, metallic ornaments and/or monochrome details, these brooding black Christmas trees bring to mind a starry winter night sky. You can see many ideas on the web especially on Pinterest.

Dowel Christmas Tree


Less is more and in this example is really true!


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Succulent Christmas Tree


If you love to make your own things this is a Diy (do it yourself) idea that you can make. The use of succulents can show the Christmas spirit too and this could be the perfect holiday centerpiece.

Evergreen Wall Tree


You are living in a small space? So why not using that wall? This holiday decoration is made with evergreen garland and colorful ball ornaments. Things that you can find easily and can use to make your Christmas tree in no time.

Flocked Christmas Tree


Flocked trees are going to be a big trend again. The flocked effect gives us a nostalgic feel and makes us think that snow rush under our tree.

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Miniature Trees


Again if you have a small space or don’t like a big tree the miniatures trees are the perfect choice for you. They’re perfect for small-space Christmas decorating or if you want to add a touch of holiday cheer to multiple rooms in your house.

Bottle Brush Trees


Small colorful and minimal.

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Cake Pop Christmas Tree


Besides being delicious the cake pop trees are about to be your new favorite holiday party food.

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Upside-down Christmas trees


Upside-down Christmas trees are easy to integrate into holiday decor.


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