10 Interior Decor Trends 2021 I To Upgrade Your Home

Hi Trendies! Wonder what decoration features will be most seen in 2021? Trendbook shares with 10 interior decor trends for 2021. See the following interior design trends 2021.


The next 10 interior design trends for 2021. From color palettes, coming back styles, and curvy shapes. Those top trends will be mostly seen in any interior design project of 2021.

1.Canopy Bed

Framed beds are a turning back trend that will be seen in contemporary interior design projects.

10 Interior Decor Trends 2021
Refugio Loft – Consuelo Jorge Arquitetos

10 Interior Decor Trends 2021Pinterest

10 Interior Decor Trends 2021Sarah Elliott

2. Classic Blue

From the Pantone color of the year 2020, many interiors will adopt this calm, sublime tone ton any division.

10 Interior Decor Trends 2021Ima Interiors

10 Interior Decor Trends 2021

Studio Volpe

3. Colored Glassed Screens

Proper to create sections in open wide divisions, this trend will be seen in a variety of divisions. This is the big feature of the 10 interior decor trends for 2021. Both transparent, or with an addition of color to it.

Casa Mille in Turin, Fabio Fantolino


Crosby Studios

Amanda Sequin

4. Curved Shapes

One of the major trends for 2021. People tend the choose curved features to contrast from the structured architectural lines. Also, it’s a 2021 top trend that promotes a more comforting lifestyle.

Saleta Pausa, Ana Sawaia Arquitetura


Casa Hoyos Hotel Boutique

Caffe Latte

5. Luxury Minimal Design

This 10 interior decor trends 2021, is based on clear lines and spaces complemented with a luxury touch. People will tend to have unique handmade design pieces, to add a unique personality to their interiors.


Loft in Florence, Abimis is a Prisma


1100 Architect

6. Neutrals

Neutrals will be the main wellness interior trend for 2021. It’s more and more important for people to have their own wellbeing space, their sanctuary, at the privacy of their homes.

Essential Home

Ward 5 Design

Boca do Lobo

Green Gables, Studio Tate

7. Modern 80’s

When you combine the stand-out elements of the contemporary and classic interior design and place it the iconic 80’s design concept, you’ll get a unique style decor, full of personality and identity.


Violet Bliss Suite, In Out Studio

Patricia Bustos

8. Interior Gardens

Having an interior garden will provide you daily contact with nature, so you can live a brighter life.

DLN Penthouse, GEZA Architetture


Maison Valentina


9. Mix-used Spaces

The advantage of Mixed-Use Décor is that when used right in both spaces offers plenty of advantages as well as decor possibilities.

Taras Wolf – WOLF Architects Melbourne

Soho Loft, Studiolav

Oshir Asaban Architect

10. Nature Green

A deep green shade will also be used in 2021 as a resemble for nature-inspired environments. As a portrait of natures best.





Casa VIVE Bangna, Land & Houses Public Co.


Studio Arte



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