Trending: Cantaloupe Color and Terrazzo Trends spotted at Urban Living Milan

Later May 2019, a new exhibition has emerged with the collaboration of Vitra and Spotti, curated by the trending designer Elena Salmistraro. Trendbook brings now to you my dear trendies the latest trends in the design world such as this mesmerizing exhibition. Discover more about the Urban Living Milan.

Photo: Omar Sartor

Elena Salmistraro is a product designer and artist very trendy nowadays, with an exquisite Instagram account to die for. She’s becoming a reference for contemporary design, collaborating with powerful companies of modern furniture design and interior decorations. Elena has a very colorful and diversity personality, which we can through her work.


Photo: Omar SartorUrban Living MilanPhoto: Omar Sartor

Spotti Milan has inaugurated the Urban Living Milan exhibition as an expression of multicultural and cosmopolitan environments. The Milanese designer Elena Salmistraro transmits the soul of her town in a place for meeting place for professionals and interior design enthusiasts. With a wide range of colors and materials. And, with no shade of doubt, the designer highlights the space with this year’s top design trends: the cantaloupe color trend and the terrazzo design trend.


Photo: Omar Sartor


The warmth and boldness of the walls and floors resemble summer sunsets and calming nights, therefore she reaches the goal into creating a great welcoming space for networking. Creating a largely harmonious and functional space balancing between art and design.


Photo: Omar Sartor

A design experience filled with 4 divisions: a living room, a dining room, the study, and the play area. Elena’s eclectic trend style portraits Vitra Home Collection, with its vast range of products. She interprets Vitra Home Stories for Spring 2019 of furniture in urban areas within the Spotti Milano space.

Photo: Omar Sartor

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