Tips for use Color Violet in your home

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We started the year 2018 with a strong color select by Pantone as an ultraviolet. The name of the color violet derived from the flower violet.

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Violet is a spectral color, reflects a high level of thoughts. People associated with this color are creative, ad transmitted infinitive energy they see the world always from a different perspective than the rest of us and a very high status of Spirituality.

As history tells violet have been associated with royalty and majesty as with luxury. Despite being a strong color, you can use it in your space with simple ideas.

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You can use it as an accent, don’t use it on an entire room but for example, use the hue on a wall for a pop of color. On Frames, not on every frame but in some of the frame, it will give a beautiful and clean detail to the ambiance. In your bedroom, for example in your wall, paint some details or lines it will be stunning.


Source: Corporate Design Interiors

Add some back color and mixed, yes black is a dramatic color like violet but it pairs well with violet. Try to mixed your wall in violet with some furniture in black color. You are going to have a nice result.

Source: We Heart it

If you like to maintain your “clean” aspect to the room, just add some violet accessories, some violet pillows, or a violet rug or blanket, you will notice the difference and you will like it and feel cozy ate the same way.

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And why not substitute some of your furniture and the window treatments by putting some purple sofas, or chairs? And some new curtains. Yes is different but different is not always a bad idea right?

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