Defined by some as the next Salvator Dalì and Philippe Starck in the design world, today we will present the creative world of Jaime Hayon.

The Spanish artist-designer firmly believes that hybridism is strictly connected to the invention and creation process and that blurring the lines between different mediums can only lead to the future of design.

Fritz Hansen’s first store in China

Jaime Hayon set up his studio, Hayon Studio, in 2001 in Valencia after having studied industrial design in Barcelona and Paris and a period in Italy. In Treviso, where he joined Benetton academy Fabrica in design and communication. Nowadays, with subsidiary studios in Barcelona and Treviso, the Valencia-based designer has become the focal point of the design world when it’s about defying categorizations.

La Terraza Del Casino – Madrid

His creations – bordering on the thin line between aesthetically pleasing and almost nonfunctional in their eccentricity – respond to their creator’s demand of going beyond the firmly academic separation between art, design, and decoration to give life to a contemporary design immediately conjured by highly-crafted design objects.

Camper Together With Jaime Hayon

Certainly, Jaime Hayon’s past as a ceramist put him in an advantageous spot to create amazing design pieces exuding contrasting vibes. In the same way, his artistic production goes from art installation to commercial venues to gallery pieces to functional furniture. He is renowned for crossing the fine line between fine arts and design all the time, establishing his own mark into the design world through collaborations with Baccarat, Choemon in Japan, Bosa Ceramiche and Lladro.

Le Sergeant Recruteur – Paris

Jaime Hayon’s entire artistic education shaped his current aesthetic in which nature and animals, in general, constitute a big inspiration for his works. In fact, two of his latest works are the fantastical carousel “Swarovski Kristallwelten” in Austria, that he created in collaboration with Swarovski using 15 million Swarovski crystals that shine on mystical and whimsical creatures, which were inspired by fairytales and folklore; and, the other project, “The Cosmos of Jaime Hayon” at Harbour City, in Hong Kong: the installation is a big fantasy playground in which imaginative animal creatures morph into architecture, bright-colored and weird-shaped figures, resembling the usual Jaime Hayon’s signature style.

Swarovski Carousel – Austria

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