NUVO GROUP by Roy David Architecture

NUVO GROUP by Roy David Architecture – The main challenge of the project was to create a space that not only talked about the nature of the exclusive products but also provides a variety of work environments.

The space consists of a variety of meeting spaces, ranging from privacy booth seats to formal meeting rooms.

Space itself was designed to provide a sense of privacy and functionality.

The designer worked with a carpenter to create custom pieces of multifunctional furniture that would create the necessary divisions between the teams. 

NUVO GROUP by Roy David ArchitectureThe design language is linked and inspired by the unique nature of the company’s main product, whose design is soft and feminine by nature, but whose function and development are based on complex data and technology.

NUVO GROUP by Roy David Architecture, he has chosen elegant and soft lines and colors, light wood, olive, and coral, to define the space that works in sync with more linear elements that can be seen, for example, in details of custom furniture and ceiling elements throughout the space.

The design concept is clear when entering the office space, by angular and grid reception and the accompanying storage system planned in parallel with the curved lines of detail of the ceiling and divided partitions, both inspired by the feminine form during the pregnancy.

SIZE: 1500 sqm

YEAR: 2018

LOCATION: Alon Towers, 94 Yigal Alon Street, Tel Aviv, ISRAEL 


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