Moodboard Collection | Earth Tones Interior Decor Trend for 2019

Earth Tones is the perfect color trend for you if you love nature and relaxing ambiances especially if you love to be in touch with the earth. This year, grey is still a dominant color but it’s often combined with softer pastels and earthy tones.

See our mood board trend video:



This trend is mainly about colors that appear in nature, such as soft greens and browns or even taupe. Earthy tones are now becoming a popular choice of color for interiors. We still need to talk about browns, dark chocolate/umber to terracotta/dirty blonde to sandy beige.


This palette is somehow at once bold and subtle, the dark umber tones of rainforest soil. Earth Tones, or natural colors, can create a warm, Nature-friendly atmosphere. This color scheme is based on natural elements such as green leaves, brown soil, clouds or the blue reflections of the sky in the water. It is associated with peaceful moods and serene settings. See how you can adapt to your home.









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