Interior Design Trends to Watch for in 2019 – Part I

We love trends, we are always looking for the next one and today we gathered some interior design trends to watch for the next year.
The trend for luxury and rich expression is obvious when it comes to the soft sitting arrangements, sofas, armchairs, and ottomans, they are all big, soft, enveloping the body into velvet and rounded shapes. The designers usually combine them with marble cladding and surfaces, glass structures and furniture and aristocratic colored-metals: brass, copper, silver or golden shine.

Apart from these fresh, innovative elements, the traditional organic materials don’t lose their value: wood, glass, stone are still an excellent choice for the designers. The innovation here comes from the strength and durability of the materials. Lately, the glass is so durable that entire furniture’s are created by it, or it is used as a stable base for heavy marble tops. The terrazzo and terracotta presence is also an actual trend at the materials composition scene.

Nomadic Living – 3D Printing and Recycling

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The nomadic living can be part of an urban culture or can be a search for temporary accommodations such as travelers and explorers lifestyle, vacation homes or disaster relief housing. In any form, the choice of living is part of any culture or society. The growth of cities and suburbs is beginning to make many people question what is the most appealing way of living. Nomadic architecture and design are looking to satisfy the flexible life choices, the movability and dynamics of life, celebrating the freedom of expression and complexity of life and artistic creations.

This environmentally-friendly outdoor seating composition for ECO-oh! is created by Studio Segers. The designers had figured out a way to turn household plastic waste, like yogurt cups, butter tubs, and plastic bags, into a flexible, durable and artistic solution for outdoor furniture.

Multifunctional & Compact Furniture

Here it is three iconic examples of contemporary furniture creations that demonstrate multi-functionality, flexibility and artistic reconstruction of ethnic- inspirations with innovative materials. All of these cases possess the flexible and innovative features necessary for their implementation in small spaces and dynamic lifestyle.

This creation called Plier is a multi-purpose piece of furniture with a light modernistic silhouette that can serve as an artistic space divider in open-plan lofts securing privacy, or as a trendy bar installation when there is a gathering of friends obtaining the connection. The furniture piece features a perforated translucent pattern panel that can form a spatial boundary and a contemporary frame of hydraulic pistons that are within telescopic rods and allow the piece to transform with ease into a trendy table-bar installation. Sheets of paper and resin compose the unique creation of Heatherwick Studio the Friction table, the furniture that can adapt to different spaces and needs. The lattice formation of this elegant and single piece of furniture stretches out to accommodate both large and small groups of people offering a diversity of shapes, from oval to oblong and multifunctional space accommodation.

The unusual type of material used for the ingenious creation of this flexible table originates from the Mid-Twentieth Century and was initially developed for industrial purposes, now it’s about to set the trend with its unique qualities and expression.

And finally for the series of flexible furniture creations the ‘Yemenite Totem – an artistic expression of creative functionalism inspired by the ethnic beauty of the Jewish-Yemenis culture.

The creation of a stackable seating set made from four stools and a tray with a silhouette that combines its ethnic, inspiration with contemporary elegance. Entwining different materials: iron, copper, linen into elegant, woven shapes the designers left a space for the personal choices of the owner, different forms of the stools create a differ totem, when the furniture pieces are not needed, can be stacked on top of each other.

The dynamic possibilities for the interior decor composition offered by this artistic and beautiful creation are also inspired by the traditional Jewish-Yemenis culture – local craft, such as filigree craftsmanship and traditional embroidery in unique clothing are used as an inspiration and guidelines for the creation of this flexible contemporary furniture piece.

Trendy Interior Design Materials & Finishes

An again earth inspired collection – the Tectonic Tables. This iconic creation features a dynamic set of three marble-clad tables that can move closer or further away from each other, just like the fluid movements of the Earth Tectonic Plates. This smart composition by the renowned Belgian stone company Vandeweghe also features trendy brass legs that introduce a jazzy note to the luxurious feel of the marble tops.

The dynamic character of Using tempered, extra-light glass, with faded and irregular decorations resembling the veins of marble. The elegant set of high and low, oval-shaped tables laid on asymmetrical legs are dynamic and enchanting – the veins patterns appear to be flowing with the shift of the viewpoints. Excellent addition to any sensual and dynamic contemporary interior arrangement.

stone coffee table Inspirational BEST OF MILAN DESIGN WEEK 2017

Another glass inspired coffee tables with a base of hand-blown glass and tops made in back-painted, stone, joint together by a metal edging. The seemingly random colors, shapes, and textures of the tables tops are inspired by the aerial views of rural lands, dynamically arranged and characterized by the different types of the cultivation.

This composition also includes the possibility the table set to adapt to different layouts and to be arranged separately as well.

Marble stays trendy at the design scene although some designers are inspired to find a more casual and simple way to use this praised and luxurious material.

The nature of the terrazzo is bringing this complex material back in unexpected and hot trends. This durable material has been around for centuries used mainly into the architectural structures as flooring or cladding, but now is making a comeback in a significant artistic manner.

A composite material formed by mixing marble, granite, quartz or glass chips into a cement or epoxy binder the terrazzo turns out to be flexible enough and sustainable enough to be used in multiple design articles and elements: from 3D printed floors to small decor details and lighting solutions. The terrazzo is here to stay, and it offers an excellent variety of colors, textures, and applications.

Another traditional material that finds new, creative ways to express itself the ceramics, more specifically the red brick is circling a big comeback on the design scene. Something to keep an eye on.
Composing this beautiful and unique home that blurs the borders between open and closed to bring a custom-made red brick in four different sizes. Searching for a balance between openness and enclosure, entwining herringbone pattern on the pavements and the organic and linear feel of the wooden structures the architects achieve an extraordinary richness of tone, texture, and depth of perception, only with these two basic materials.

The Spanish brought the courtyard house to the New World, and Taller de Arquitectura Mauricio Rocha + Gabriela Carrillo have taken the concept to a higher level of sophistication using organic materials palette and very trendy approach in exploring the infinite possibilities of the ceramic textures.

In the Schlickeysen modular furniture system, the curved ceramic vaults are supported by a metal frame with contemporary, dynamic expression.

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