Trending Colors 2018

The 2018 Color TrendBook forecasts the colors we are going to see and most likely use this year. Our Color Report is here to offer you inspiration but also inform, so that you can create long term ideas in line with future consumer behaviour and design and colour trends.

This year’s diverse spectrum of color trends has a little something for everyone. From bold, vibrant shades of red and orange to pretty pastels and an assortment of new neutrals, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect palette for your project in 2018. These are the color trends you can expect to see everywhere this year.

#1 Curved Shapes 2020 Trend Ideas

#2 Marble 2020 Trend Material

#3 Color Trends 2020 Neo Mint

#4 Color Trends 2020 Honey Yellow

#5 Color Trends 2020 Dusk Blue

#6 Color Trends 2020 Cantaloupe

#7 Color Trends 2020 Cloud Pink

#8 Color Trends 2020 Terracotta

#9 Terrazzo 2020 Trend Materials

#10 Color Trends 2018 Scarlet Red

#11 Color Trends 2018 Navy Blue

#12 Color Trends 2018 Tawny Port

#13 Color Trends 2018 Shaded Spruce

#14 Color Trends 2018 Golden Lime

#15 Color Trends 2018 Neutral Gray

#16 Color Trends 2018 Light Blue

#17 Color Trends 2018 Light Pink

#18 Color Trends 2018 Autumn Maple

#19 Color Trends 2018 Toast