Colorful Summer Decor Trends from Zanotta Design

Sacco anatomical easy-chairs – Zanotta

Today TrendBook shares with you colorful summer decor trends from Zanotta Design. Urban Passion was Zanotta’s theme for Milan Design Week 2019. The stand was designed to give the impression of looking in through a partly open window. Delimited by a sequence of parallel, sloping panels displaying the names of the most populous cities in the world, it evokes scenes of domestic life in close empathy with their urban contexts.

Furnishing by Calvi Brambilla, styling by Studio Salaris and graphic design by Leonardo Sonnoli create an ideal journey through six global cities. Berlin, Barcelona, Paris, New York, Shanghai and Rome provide six fascinating scenarios in which different urban landscapes inspire furnishing solutions that reflect their respective metropolitan identities.

Discover more in detail 4 Top Colorful Summer Decor Trends from Zanotta:

  1. Echino small table – Zanotta

Colorful Summer Trends Zanotta

The Echino small table features two different sizes which are complementary since can be placed side by side. The glass strength and durability are axiomatically used for developing the concept of the entire product.

A versatile item, long-lasting and strong, eco-compatible and 100% recyclable.


2. Graphium Coffee Tables – Zanotta




Two coffee tables inspired by two concepts and two natural elements: graphism and symmetry, marble and tropical butterflies.


By combining these seemingly contradictory elements, the ethereality of a wing beat and the solidity of stone, this furnishings are a complement of contemporary taste: a solid top in natural marble supported by a slender, organic structure in steel.


3. Oliva Armchair – Zanotta

Viewed from the front, the armchair evokes the idea of an open shell, embodied by the soft seat and back, with their enveloping and generous curves. Padded polyurethane elements conceal a steel frame upon solid wood legs.




Like a piercing, the front legs extend through the seat cushion, before joining the rear legs to create a distinctive effect of structural lightness. From the back, the armchair assumes a greater volume and personality.

A choice of decorative fabric designs adds character.


4. Florin Bed – Zanotta



The Florin bed offers a contemporary and light-hearted twist on a traditional bed. The most whimsical of the options, the bed’s turned and open pored frame remains proudly exposed, and with the available colour options, transforms into a visual highlight.


Trend Report Milan Design Week 2019

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