Top 10 September Trends I Interior Design Trends 2022

Hi trendiesss! Trendbook brings to you the next 10 home decor trends for the month of September. According to the interior design trends 2022-2023. See more in detail the hottest home decor trends.

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1 Ancient Modernism

Aesthetics from ancient Rome and Greek are making it’s way back, with a modern approach. A recurrent home decor trend within this interior design season.

JARtB House / Kavellaris Urban Design

JARtB House / Kavellaris Urban Design

2 Botanical Interiors

A segment of the biophilia major trend, botanical interiors brings a perseverance of nature and at the same time, the indoor-outdoor interior design trend 2022-2023.

Collective Botanical exhibition, Officina Milano, Studiopepe & SilviaRivoltella

3 Calm & Clean Cut

According to the Wellness interior trend, nowadays is becoming imperative in having a private sanctuary at their homes, with mainly cream tones and clean-cut furniture designs. To increase our well-being, where interior design and psychology works together.

Greentown Trees Villa, Qiran Design Group

4 Eclectic Fusion

In this home decor trend, we see an increase in oriental aesthetics in the decor.

Canvas Vases , by India Mahdavi

5 Electric Pastels

An upgrade of the lately seen pastels. People will tend to pursue to more joyfull/playfull experiences, and so it affects the next interior design trend projects.

Ziling Changxing Kindergarten, Li Xiang

6 Fun Function

Colors are messages, they bring different energies when applied to a wall or a furniture design. This decor trend is all about merging colorful accents with functional design pieces.


7 Geometrical Seating

Clear geometrical seating is a comeback trend, coming along with the modern retro style.

A new trending product, seen this year at the Copenhagen design show, the Big Talk chair, from Blá Station, is now a worldwide trending product, for its geometrical assemble but also for its colorful upholstery.

8 Sand Tones

One of the key color trends for 2023, is the use of the warm tones color palette, with a sense also of calm and nature-inspired aesthetics.

Artest Restaurant, VETER

9 Textured Wall Decor

Beyond the typical paint artwork, one of the top 10 September trends is having textured artwork on walls. Promoting a sensorial experience to interior design.

Greentown Trees Villa, Qiran Design Group

10 Trend Product

Maya Armchair I BRABBU

Personified as a woman, Maya’s Maize Goddess was the inspiration behind MAYA Velvet Armchair. With legs in matte-aged brass, this mid-century velvet chair has the sensual and delicate forms of the goddess, making it the perfect seating solution for an elegant living room set.

All credits to owners.

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