Trend Choices: Discover the Most Trendy Home Accessories for 2021

Hi, trendies! Today Trendbook is going to show you some out the box trend ideas for home decor. See how to add a contemporary modern look to any interior division with this Trendbook curated selection of, the most trendy home accessories for 2021.



The following selection has been showcased at Paris, from Maison et Objet design event. For their uniqueness, surely they’ll be a must-add for a trend interior decoration.

1. Gold Faux-Marble Screen – Boca do Lobo


This marble screen from Boca do Lobo is a perfect fit for an interior decor filled with nature-inspired elements. One of the interior design trends of 2021, the embracing nature trend.


2. Bernardo Panda – Bosa Ceramics

The Bernardo Panda is a powerful decor, celebrating nature’s fauna and flora.


3. Dab Penguim – Bosa Ceramics

Definitely, one of the most trendy home accessories.  These posh penguins bring style with an attitude to any modern contemporary interior.



4. Hoot Stool – Circu Magical Furniture

Proper for a kid’s room, this sweet stool it’s an add on for a dreaming space.


5. Franco Dressing Table – Essential Home

A most trendy home accessories for a glam look. Every day is a good day to get ready and feel good. Also, this trendy dressing table embodies one of the design trends for 2021, the vegetable fibers, such as the Vienna straw.



6.  Houtique Stool

Fun, eclectic and colorful. It surely describes this unique stool for a playful trend look. A good accent for neutral living room decor.


7.  Joséphine Candleholder and Morroco Mirror – Maison Dada

These design pieces embodies, the curved shapes 2021 design trend. It embraces a good minimal interior.


8. Queen of Heart Stool – Royal Stranger

A good heart-shaped stool to add a unique accent for a living or bedroom division.


9. Charla Office Chair – Luxxu


For a modern luxury division, these modern chair is perfect for an elegant feel to a contemporary interior. And it embodies grey tones, one of the main color trends for 2021, the grey shade.



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