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Trendbook shares with you a series of top Interior trend projects to get inspired by. Discover the following inspirations from Meng Ye Space Creative Design and its custom interior projects.

Space designer as its recognized is one of the top elite interior designers focused on private residences and industrial design. Elevating innovation to its top performance, this creative studio stands for high quality and creative spaces personalizing high standard and exclusive Chinese Interiors.

Meng Ye Space Creative Design

Over years of interior design experience, Meng Ye’s work not only reflects an innovative and changeable design as it recognizes the social value and its ideologies. Therefore becoming a role model across China and a major influence in the decor and design world.

His aesthetics combines in perfect balance contemporary innovation, fine art, and exuberance. Bringing to our home decor’s a unique style of ultimate elegance and decadency.

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Meng Ye Space Creative Design

Inspired by the space itself, clear lines of modernism with touches of character statement pieces, fulfill an immersive atmosphere dedicated to a sophistication signature rich in boldness and exclusiveness.

From Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Sanya and Jiangsu, and Zhejiang, Meng Ye has numerous space interventions, posing an amazing passion for designing and architecture. With a cinematographic aesthetic influence, mixing the luxurious lifestyle, his unconventional design celebrates fierceness approaching some of the hottest and desirable interior design trends.

Meng Ye Space Creative Design

Meng Ye Space Creative Design

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Meng Ye Space Creative Design

Acknowledged by society and the media his work has been awarded throughout its career. Already counting with multiple recognitions and becoming an important guest across different worldwide fairs and exhibitions.

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