How to Choose The Perfect Rug? I How to decorate?

A contemporary home requires a modern decoration and design. There’s a need to pay attention to every detail. One special element can make a difference.

Furniture makes your home feel lived in, welcoming and complete. And so, to choose the perfect rug, it’s just as important!

When decorating for your contemporary living room, it is important to pick timeless, functional pieces that will fit in the space you have available.


1: Round Rugs

A round rug gives movement and life to a space because it doesn’t create limits of the space. A variety of tencel and wool pieces will add personality and a high-end vibe to any division.


2: Larger/lounge Rugs

It’s important to understand the size of the room. Room size rugs can put together your ambiance.

Either in a residential or contract project, lounge rugs are a perfect option! It will make your room larger and add a touch of coziness.

Choose The Perfect Rug

They would take up most of your floor space and would become a contemporary accent for the whole interior.



3: Patterned Rugs

A stylish and contemporary interior design results really beautifully when patterned rugs are incorporated. Designer creations are always stunning and will most definitely transform your project. A designed rug embodies culture and sophistication. Perfect for chic home decor!

Choose The Perfect Rug

4: Neutral/Color Block Rugs

Sometimes less is more. Just by adding simple wool pieces might be the perfect addition! Neutral/block color rugs are perfect for any season of the year! That kind of rug has the power to transform any space in a calm atmosphere.

Choose The Perfect RugThe neutral rugs will stand out if used with more dramatic colors, thus creating a vibrant contrast of saturated colors.

Choose The Perfect Rug

These tones are perfectly used when the interior design decoration is full of various forms, colors or shapes, which will make it more visually attractive.


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