8 New Interior Designers Setting Trends Right Now

written by André Almeida
It’s an era of design. Many brilliant interior designers are leading trends with their remarkable projects. Among them, there are 8 new interior designers coming to the front and presenting many stylish projects to clients. Trend Design Book will introduce these 8 designers in this article and display their design ideas with their projects. Let’s scroll down and enjoy reading.


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8 New Interior Designers Setting Trends Right Now

Natasha Baradaran Interior Design

Natasha Baradaran founded Natasha Baradaran Interior Design in 2000. Since then, she has received many accolades. She is famous for the richness of her diverse cultural connotation that combined classical European design traditions and Middle Eastern arts.

Veneer Design

Natalie Myers is the design principal and owner of Veneer Design. Her natural design talent helps her create unique home decor plans and also oversee its implementation to completion.

Consort Design

Mat Sanders and Brandon Quattrone set up this innovative home decor company, Consort Design. They commit to providing chic yet comfortable interior design. Their designs are featured with fashionably edgy home goods with a heightened sense of style.

Kate Marker Interiors

Kate Marker’s style is both modern and classic. With the combination of old and new, her design has an enduring charm that injects a fresh and original feeling to the room.

Claire Brody Designs

Claire Brody focuses on providing unique and affordable designs. She is good at matching with different colors and has a deep understanding of how to display the taste of clients.

Kelly Deck

Kelly Deck Design is renowned for tranquil and luxurious interiors. They devote themselves to high-end custom homes. The usage of neutral colors is a stunning example that everyone will covet.

Flack Studio

Flack Studio focuses on transforming clients’ vision into experiences. They translate clients’ vision by innovative and brilliant designs. Cooperating with clients during design helps them earn a reputation among clients.


Claire Stevens Interior Design

Claire Stevens is a brilliant interior designer and set up her own design firm in 2012. She became an experienced during working in different design firms and is featured with the combination of rustic and stylish. You can definitely get some inspirations from her design projects if you want to design a rustic yet chic home decor.


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