Trend Report – What Your Makeup will look like in 2019

Written by Tiago Aguiar

Since the time of Egyptian that men and women used makeup to enhance their appearance. Nowadays the world of make-up is a magical place. Full of bright colours, bold ideas and oodles of confidence-inducing warpaint.

In 2019 the trend of colors for make-ups, will be blue, green, red and yellow, that with the right combination it will send and message of inovation and beauty of yourself.

Here are some examples:

Luxe Intensity – Eyes

This beautiful aqua and lilac combo is a fresh take on an evening eye – with loose powder pigment, that turns to a cream on application, swiped across the lid in a haphazard manner. Dab a little under the eye too, leaving it to fall onto the tops of the cheeks, whilst mavericks will consider spreading it up to the brow bone as well. Really give people something to look at.


Sculpted Femme – Lips

Metallic ombre lips in a three-tonal dance are the order of the day. Ripe Maroon, and green and aubergine shimmers combine, dabbed onto the lips with the fingers in a cream paint formula. Create distinct areas of separation, darker in the middle and lighter as you reach the edge, and don’t be afraid to add an extra shot of glitter pigment to the pout. This is all about deeply seductive drama.


Subversive Rebel – Nails

Negative space manis have been all the rage for some time now – but we’re used to seeing them in monochrome colour palettes. For S/S19 jazz it up in a range of pastel hues, from Raw Terracotta to Burlap Green and everything in between. Delicate box shapes with extended arms are complimented by powerful slogans expertly painted onto the nail bed in thin, swirling typeface. A shot of anarchy in an otherwise demure arena.



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