Trend Report 2018: Outer Space

written by Rita Gomes

If your always with your head up in the air this is the theme for you. Let’s reach for the stars and pick a bold and unique look that’s going to make you feel in another galaxy.

See below 6 ways that will take you to space:

1. Let’s go into the milky way with Chanel
The space is as vast as the different ways you can recreate this theme. Let’s take it to fashion and create a metallic silver look that makes you feel like wearing a space suite…but in a fashionable way just ready to explore.

2. Hei its Atomic!
A great light pendant by DelightFULL is a modern design interpretation of the atomic age, inspired by the composition of the atom. Building this unique lighting design using materials such as brass, steel and aluminum, DelightFULL’s skilled artisans arranged it in an abstract composition, just like the non-conventional molecular forms. Both a glossy black and a gold plated finish were used for the body, while glossy black and gold powder paint were the chosen finished for the shades. This stylish suspended ceiling light is the right fit for a contemporary living room, or even for a more modern master bedroom. This suspension light is sure to bring you plenty of out of this world compliments.

3. “Astronaut” by Sancal
Want a statement piece that’s going to be a conversation starter and make your house guests talk about it for hours? Choose these statues, they will remind you of space and bring the astronaut feel to your decoration.

4. Outer Punk by Fendi
If accessories it’s your thing don’t miss the chance of include this in your life. Chose this punky alien as your companion, cool blue mohawk included.

5. It’s an alien! Fendi alien!
Or maybe you would feel more comfortable with sunglasses! The lightweight, comfortable metal frame is embellished with small tone-on-tone studs. The temples, with their distinctive angular shape, feature an engraved Fendi logo. This alien look alike it’s a subtle and quick way of transport into another planet.

6. Rocky Rocket by Circu
The piece of resistance? A true rocket, or almost like it. The Rocky Rocket it’s a children’s interactive chair, painted in red and white checkered pattern. The moon rocket has become an iconic symbol for kids, while parents will recognize it from the adventures of Tintin, kids will relate it to Buzz Lightyear from “Toy Story”. This interactive chair features an educational light and sound system to foster curiosity and excitement among kids. So who’s ready to jump into outer space?