Spring 2018 Accessory Trend Report

In almost everything in life small details make huge diferences and in fashion those details have an even more impact, no matter they’re size.

This year, 2018 Spring Accessory Trend will be arround certain types of acessory like Tiny Sunglasses, Hats for Rain or Shine, Extravagant Bags, Gloves and Earrings.

 In this articles we will talk a litle bit about this acessories and what to expect of them.

Starting from the top the Tiny sunglasses will be a must in this spring. Sleek, skinny shades appeared at Miu Miu, Louis Vuitton, and Prada, meaning that a whole new crop of women will be shelving their oversize specs in favor of micro frames. If you’re not one of them, try a pair with a sportier edge, like the neon-edged shapes from Fenty x Puma or Stella McCartney.

Hats for Rain or Shine will be another accessory that wont pass by without notice.

With a climate-changed world, the weather can’t be trusted. With that in mind, designers have whipped up hats for every temperature. At Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld made rain bonnets seem cool—pro tip: wear yours with crystal earrings and a full face of makeup—while Jacquemus supersized sun hats for the beach. Somewhere in the middle are the bucket hats from Michael Kors, which are probably best for a temperate day in the Hamptons. At least, that’s where you’ll find Mr. Kors wearing his.

Now the for the classic bag silhouettes that will never go out of style.

On the Spring runways, designers were thinking less in terms of the lady bag and more about geometric forms. Take Paco Rabanne’s cube bag, a perfect square in caramel leather sized for a night on the town, or Gabriela Hearst’s Nina bag as prime examples of the new possibilities for what your bag could be. Circles appeared at Dolce & Gabbana, stars at Mugler, and spheres at Céline, all making your elementary-school book about shapes seem ultra-relevant.


Pay attention to the Gloves also, they will leave an impression this year. At Marc Jacobs, beaded finale dresses were accessorized with elegant black gloves, while Koché took a sportier turn and paired flirty dresses with white gloves. If you must remove a glove to send a DM, do it in the style of Olivier Theyskens’s models and hold the empty glove elegantly in your other hand.


And in last but not least, the Earrings. After seasons of sculptural, arty earrings dominating the runways, the pendulum is swinging back in favor of glitzy, shiny chandeliers.



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