7 Interior Design Trends For A Stylish Living Room Set

written by Fábio Neves

Interior design trends change with the season.Since fall is coming around the corner, it’s time to renovate and have a new trendy living room set.  Inspired by colors used in London and New York fashion week and home decor projects designed by many remarkable designers, Trend Design Book selects 7 interior design trends and want to share with you some living room inspirations in this article.

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The color “toast” is one of trendy colors in this season. Injecting this color in your living room can add a pop of color to your home and also make you feel warm in this season.

Navy peony and neutral gray are also two popular colors. They can bring elegance to your room and also create a serene environment for you to have a rest.

Or if you don’t want to feel dull and keep your room in summer, the color scarlet is the best choice. As an vivid and powerful color, scarlet will make your room chic and passionate.

Since the weather is becoming colder, applying fur rugs can bring warmth to your home.

Using designer light in your living room will definitely leave a deep impression on your guests’ minds. Using avant-garde piece in a room can boost the style and inject a touch of artistry in a room.

Velvet sofa will never go out of style. With center table in a tree root shape, this sofa can bring a natural feeling to your home.

A chic light will be a center piece to your living room. Light is often overlooked, however, apart from practicability, it can also inject sense of artistry to your room.

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