Neon and Nylon for Days at Prada’s SS19 Show

The Prada’s Spring/Summer 2019 show is set to be one of the must-see shows this season, it happens in Milan Fashion Week and was marked by the Neons and Nylon you can see as the street style, used on the days of the show.

All the images presented here int he article was captured by Eva Al Desnudo, and you can see that was the highlights of things that Prada does best: interruptive design quirks like half-and-half shirts, neon colors (if you thought traffic cone orange was dead well you wore wrong), and robust, utility-like nylon accessories.

About the ss19 itself, this season was a sharp left turn. Prada sent out boys in shorts so tiny that, to her own admission, may as well have been mini skirts. She went for soft, washed denim, lots of brown, and barely any branding, save for some small square logos placed here and there.
Knitted sneakers, which have been an undeniably enormous trend of late, were repurposed into dress shoes. The only remnants of Prada’s sportswear resurrection was a solitary pair of nylon windbreakers, which were worn over some impossibly tight shorts, executed in skin-hugging knit.
“It’s more about people than impressing people.”

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