Top 5 Amazing Trends for Kids Bedrooms you will want to use

The trends for this year are everything we want for our home. And the kid’s bedroom is not an exception. From metallics (that look good in any part of the house) to unicorns. Trendbook today bring to you 5 amazing trends for kids bedrooms, that you are going to want for you too.

  • Metallics

To give a pop of color but still maintained a modern edge. The famous designer Kristy Whithers said Warm metals like copper, brass and rose gold will take the throne this year.” So invest in metallics pieces via accessories or an attention-grabbing centerpiece, or even maybe on a good wallpaper.


  • Make Velvet your Best Friend

Regal fabric, velvet is set to have a moment in the spotlight in of this year. Decorative velvet throws, quilts, and cushions are a few of the simplest ways to bring a little grandeur to your kid’s bedroom. You have plenty of choice regarding velvet in decoration, for example, this amazing booboo swing sofa, set to create an incredibly unique and fun design and make your kids happier.

  • Have a neutral palette

This year we will return to neutrals. Simplicity and lightness are at the forefront of design right now what comes to trends. Natural and whitewash tones are going to be big, while blushes and neutral or stone colors are also great for a base to work around. But if you incorporate these sorts of colors, you will also give any room a soft and natural lift.

Neutral color palettes are always a good idea for a kids bedroom because you can subtly or dramatically change the room by adding pops of color with playful accessories including bed linen, throws, and linens.

  • a 1950’s Vibe

So you are a lover for old stuff decor, well you have a modernist trend for you too. The 1950 Hollywood glamour can be present on curved shape silhouettes. You can look for curved nursery chairs and accessories and add a vintage feel too old-fashioned wooden tables and chairs.

  • Unicorn Flair

For me a favorite. There is something in this magical creatures, they evoke feelings of nostalgia and whimsy while offering up a vibrant color palette that makes for gorgeous visuals. Soft Unicorn toys always look fabulous on a nude bedding for example.

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