Retro Interiors by Moanne

Moanne is a creative studio based in Spain started by Montse Piquer and Erick Soto.

“Moanne leads an unconventional way of living based on the carefree, relaxed and breezy spirit of bohemian style.”

Following this philosophy, the designers create collections that are inspired by the Mediterranean and Scandinavian cultures, as well as the tropics and all things retro.

Handcrafted furnishings offer plenty of styling options one can explore on Moanne’s website. From ‘California Dreaming’ through the ‘Spring Upgrade’ to ‘The Mexican Mix’, the studio praises eclecticism and elegance.

The first collection was designed in Copenhagen, Denmark and has since evolved into a true lifestyle brand. With a unique eye for design, Moanne has created styles that are recognized instantly, standing out in the crowd.
Each of the products are influenced by memories of their nomadic life.

Moanne develop every project as an opportunity to tell their story. With a firm belief in the value of freedom and individuality and the importance of honesty and radicalism, their designs maintain a vibrant creativity through the craftsmanship quality.

Stay now with 7 looks from Moanne website that will revolutionize 2018!

Boho Modern

Creative Ecletic

Tropical Warmth

Chic Summer