Top 6 Kitchen Color Trends for 2019

We don’t need to look at the kitchen just only the place we prepare our meals. It’s a place where you can receive your guests too so let’s see what you can do so you can spruce up your kitchen. Here it is top 6 Kitchen Trends for 2019.

What’s hot in the world of kitchen design? From industrial-inspired concrete surfaces and factory-inspired faucets to the more glamorous brass kitchen handles and brass taps, and from clever kitchen storage, built-in wine rooms and even home bars to modern kitchen islands to Crittall-style kitchen extensions.

1. Two-toned Kitchens

Two-toned kitchens and warm natural selections, like clay, copper, gold, henna, and ginger are becoming a hot choice selection for next season. Nature influence and reflections in coloring may be expected to have a strong stand next season – from the terracotta colored soil up to the green hues of the wilderness.

There are signs that for the third year in a row the dark hues and tonalities will have a significant presence in the modern kicked color palette. Here is one magnificent contemporary example of the two-toned kitchen design, the saffron yellow of the comfy kitchen islands is in beautiful juxtaposition with the muted grays of the concrete base of the composition.

2. Dark Colored

The dark colors are offset with lighter or brighter colors for kitchen designs and offer visually entertaining and appealing levels of color contrast. The dark shades of gray and a new color shade vino, entwine in one cozy arrangement that includes vintage hints of the design.

Another color design approach is the usage of natural and earthly color shades in a contemporary setting. The inspiration from nature represented by the highly attractive veneers,  one in white glazed oak and other in Brazil glazed oak, take a central stage of the design, giving a unique note to the modern functional composition.

3. Cabinet Materials & Finishes

Apparat from the trends in color when it comes to kitchen design there is a visible trend in the materials palette that composes the kitchen cabinetry and appliances. Blending sophisticated color selection with high-quality materials: wood, concrete, Corian, glass or organic glass, ceramic, stone or metal in different shades – becomes a recipe for unique and beautiful kitchen design.
Varying the styles from classic to modern, from country house style to high-tech modernistic the designers play with the surfaces statement, matt, and glossy, dark and light, with and without handles.

4. Industrial Style

The industrial style is a combination of the textures and dramatic black marble, with the warm oak surfaces that add a rustic charm to the contemporary composition. The combination of robust dark materials and warm wooden structures is always a winning combination when it comes to modern kitchen design.
Warm natural presence of the unpolished wood and the fresh green accents of living plants and the combination of oak and cappuccino soft lacquer work their magic to full effect.

6. Trendy Countertops

Trendy choices and innovative solutions are a good idea to the countertops of your kitchen arrangement need to be responsive not only to the style you choose but also to offer durability, functionalism and suitable appearance. Take note for marble, quartz, granite, metal, reclaimed wood.

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