9 Accent Chairs For A Trendy Fall Decor

written by Ana Armas

Since Fall is around the corner, why not get to know what color are setting the trends for the new season and inject some variations to your room? Trend Design Book finds 9 color trends from London and NewYork Fashion Weeks and also Pantone color institute that will be a trend in this fall. In order to share interior design inspiration, we select 13 stunning accent chairs in these colors and introduce some interior design trends in this article.

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9 Accent Chairs For A Trendy Fall Decor

Lemon Curry

Lemon Curry looks exotic and spicy, which will be a piquancy for your home decor. Putting accent chairs in lemon curry will make you feel energetic in a colder-and-colder environment.

Neutral Grey

Neutral gray is widely used in home decor because it matches well with every piece. It has an enduring charm that will never be out of date. If you want to have some classic neutral gray, you will never make mistakes by choosing neutral gray.

Navy Peony

Navy Peony is a mainstay for the season. Different from black, it’s more solid that brings a neutral feeling. To boost the style of a room and inject elegance to a room, accent chairs are good choices.

Golden Lime

Golden Lime will bring a fresh feeling in this fall. Even the outside is turning green into yellow, this accent chair will remind of summer.

Tawny Port

Tawny Port is elegant, sophisticated, and tasteful. Fall is a season of harvest. To match with the season, using the tawny port in a room will make your room cozy yet elegant.

Flame Scarlet

Flame Scarlet is a powerful and vivid color that will lead the trend this fall. Flame Scarlet can leave a deep impression on everyone’s mind and make your room vivid and warm even in winter.

13 Accent Chairs For A Trendy Fall Decor Blue Bell

Bluebell reflects connection and a soothing sense of peace. When you get tired of the noisy summer, this serene color and comfortable accent chair will definitely give you a good place to rest.

13 Accent Chairs For A Trendy Fall Decor Autumn Maple

For a season of harvest, Autumn Maple will bring warmth to your home. Apart from color, the leather material can also relieve the pressure.


Toast is an excellent color for fall that brings comfort and warmth to your home. This color is lighter than Autumn Maple, which will make you feel more relaxing.

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