Trends 2018 Summer Flamingo in Decor

How to Rock the Flamingo Trend in Home Decor

written by Tiago Aguiar   By this point you must be already sick of all the pool pictures with pink flamingo floats. But flamingos are really a trend this summer…


These 7 Color Trends Are Shaping 2017

Entering the second half of the year, it has witnessed that there are many color trends that are emerged and developed. Applying these color trends into home decor will generate an amazing…

9 Color Trends That Will Be Rocking This Fall

9 Color Trends That Will Be Rocking This Fall

Looking for decorating ideas to spice up your home decor project this Fall? Let yourself be inspired by these amazing mood boards with Pantone color trends. Every season, Pantone –…

Trend Book 2018: Scarlet Red, A Powerful Color

Trend Book 2018: Scarlet Red, A Powerful Color

Energetic, passionate and dominant, red is often assumed as one of the most powerful colors in the spectrum. Whether it’s lipstick or a full painted wall in a living room,…

Wallpaper trends for decorating your home

Top Wallpaper Trends for your Home

Looking for wallpaper ideas? When it comes to wallpaper you can pretty much find a design in every color, style and pattern to suit your interior. Try a floral feature…

Trends World Favourite Color

This is the World’s Favorite Color

“Marrs Green” has been voted the World’s Favorite Color. The findings follow a global survey by papermakers G . F Smith, where thousands of people spanning over 100 countries worldwide…

Color Trends 2018 Pantone Predictions

Here Are Pantone’s Color Trend Predictions for 2018

The Pantone Color Institute announced the trends for 2018. The study considers what is presented in catwalks fashion, theater, television, movies, architecture and food. And it also assesses consumption habits…